Surprise your
mum with our newest
jewellery pieces

Pick one jewel and combine
with different pieces for a
personal and layered look

Mother's Day Gifts

1.A layered look with our new hexagon necklace

Complete a layered necklace look by adding a pendant or charm to draw the eye and create focus. The new mother-of-pearl necklace is a perfect and timeless gift for your mother. It's easy to combine with the other necklaces she owns, but is also great as a beautiful stand-alone.

2.The perfect ring stack

Give your mother a ring that is easy to combine, such as the new Eolo pieces. They're subtle but unique and are perfect to stack with her other rings and bracelets.

Mother's Day Gifts
Mother's Day Gifts

3.Candy colour gemstones

Are you searching for a colourful and powerful gift to treat your lovely mum? Discover our Etna rings with their beautiful gemstones and pick your favourite colour. From vibrant purple to candy pink. All available in rose, yellow and white gold.

4.The perfect ear stack

The secret of a perfect ear stack? Combine one bigger jewellery piece with two, three, four or even more smaller pieces. Combine different earrings in the same metal and switch between with and without diamonds depending on whether you want a luxurious or casual look.

Mother's Day Gifts